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If your debt is overwhelming and not something that you can manage to pay off, it may be time to consider bankruptcy. Many states offer different types of bankruptcy options. You will want to refer to the laws in your state and the process. Simply search Google for bankruptcy laws and your state. You can learn about the different options you have and even find attorneys in the area that are qualified in this area.

Search online for information about credit card debt. There are many websites out there that can tell you how you can easily pay off your credit card debt. They may give you some ideas and guidance about how you can easily get your debt paid off quickly. However, if this isn't an option, you will want to keep searching.

Make a consultation appointment with them and see what they can recommend to you. This may be the only option, but many people agree that it lifts a huge burden off their shoulders. Learn what you can about it before you choose to go this route. Make sure you ask the attorney you speak with all the questions you have.

Alternatively, you can ask for a copy of your annual credit report. This is usually free and will list all your credit card accounts and outstanding balances.

Apply for a Loan

There are other ways to get help, though. You can work with a credit counseling agency. They can create a debt reduction plan with you and will often negotiate lower interest rates with your creditors. You pay them each month and they pay your creditors. Look for help from a company that is accredited by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Work out a budget that you can live off of, cutting corners wherever possible. Do not lie to yourself, and make sure you include everything in that budget. You're going to use the budget you design to do everything moving forward. In that budget, set aside a certain amount of money each week to 'pay yourself.' As you do that, you are going to be building up an emergency fund.

The lender will then verify your information and assess your credit report. If you meet all the requirements, you will get a notice of approval along with an outline of the personal loan terms.

It may seem that the credit card companies are moving quickly and not going to work with you on a payment plan you can afford. It may seem like you will never get your finances back on track. Trust me, you will. Just keep working hard, and you will eventually reach a position where you can take on the next step I recommend, the debt snowball plan.

Consolidation is a process where you may get a loan that combines various card balances together. This leaves you with just one payment to worry about instead of six or more, or whatever the number of cards is that you have. The payment is often much more manageable than paying bills individually. The difficulty with this method is that if you are behind on any of your bills, it may not be possible to qualify for a loan to consolidate.

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