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If you are interested in learning more about them, write down their name and their phone number so you can search for further information on them. Do this for as many companies as you can and write down their information.

Are you ready to get consumer credit card help the right way? After having gotten in that position, it's quite natural to think that you need to fix things right away. A credit card debt consolidation loan doesn't do that, and neither does bankruptcy. Outside of those two options, you also don't have yourself in the financial position to see any other way out. That's why you don't start with your debt. It doesn't mean this is going to be easy, but it's time to get excited about finding the right way out.

One financial guru says that the next thing you do is save up your initial emergency fund. Once you have a small emergency fund in place and have set up a budget, you are comfortable with your way of life and can afford it. What you do next is get rid of that debt. Some time will have passed. No matter what standing you have with your credit card accounts, do not skip the above steps.

When you choose to go on a debt consolidation plan, you will need to close your credit cards. The process may take up to five years to complete. However, it can be a great option for avoiding bankruptcy and getting the relief you deserve from your bills so that you can focus on more important things including building your business or finding a new job.

First, the status of your accounts matters. Are you able to make your minimum payments? If not, you are going to continuously fall behind, and the credit card companies will charge off your accounts. They will be sent to collections, interest will be added, and your mountain of debt will get larger. If you find yourself struggling with minimum payments on all of your cards, yet your accounts are still active, one option you have is credit card debt consolidation.

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First, you have created a financial storm. You are going to have to let the chips fall where they may, and you are going to have to reboot a little. How you do that first starts with your budget. You absolutely must take this step so that you are living within your means. Make sure that you account for everything, cut corners where you can, look for extra ways to make income and budget according to your bills and living expenses.

This is about the same amount of time as you would expect to spend if you filed a bankruptcy. While your credit could go down a bit when on a consolidation plan, it is usually not as severe as what would happen to it if you filed bankruptcy.

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